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Become a VAP Ambassador!

In 2014, VAP is launching satellite programming across the country. 

We are looking for veterans, professional artists and creative arts organizations to become VAP Ambassadors in communities nationwide. If you are interested in becoming a VAP Ambassador, please sign up for our mailing list and mark your interest to the left, or email Jordan Rubio at with "VAP Ambassador Program" in the subject line! 

The Veteran Artist Program (VAP) is expanding programming and services around the United States in 2014 and is launching the VAP Ambassador program to provide local and regional opportunities for veterans to access the arts.  VAP was founded in 2009 when BR McDonald brought five veteran artist friends together to produce a showcase in Baltimore. That first step led to national non-profit now based in New York City.
The Program:
Any existing arts organization, along with designated veteran artists, can become the local VAP Ambassador when they agree to engage their local veterans and commit to present a VAP production. Veterans regularly reach out to VAP to learn about upcoming opportunities.  These ambassadors will function as forward operating bases for VAP all across the country and serve as an entry-point for veterans looking to access greater opportunities in the arts. In return, VAP will list the local organization on the main website and promote local opportunities via newsletters, social media and press releases.
Why Now:
Many believe 2014 will be the Year of the Veteran. As we continue to draw down our military presence overseas, thousands of veterans will re-enter our communities with an amazing perspective on life and a desire to continue to serve. There are veterans around the country with artistic ambitions who do not have creative resources and are not aware of the local and regional organizations available to help them. With this program VAP will be able to connect veterans with artistic organizations in their area that can provide them with the resources they need to break into the artistic community.