MLK Day of Service

JANUARY 2014. VAP was asked by long time partner The 6th Branch to film their new 2014 PSA. After the success of the VAP PSA, many VSO partners have reached out to VAP to help them reach a larger audience through innovative and creative advertising. VAP brought together New York and Baltimore-based veteran filmmakers to capture the amazing work of this veteran-led organization.

Arts & Service Celebration PSA

This VAP commercial was filmed in two days at Rollin Studios in Brooklyn, NY. This project was led by 15 veterans (including the entire cast) who created the idea, wrote the script, led the production and brought together a cast and crew of over 30 people.

In addition to producing the piece, VAP brought on industry professionals such as Frankie Demarco, Mad Men Director of Photography, and Whitney Dow, documentary film producer, to mentor the vets and help mesh their intangible skills as military veterans into their new found love of filmmaking.

This commercial is a great example of what the Veteran Artist Program is ultimately trying to achieve with the Arts & Service Celebration: partnering with industry professionals and gathering a community of veterans with an interest in the arts and encouraging them to take advantage of the vast opportunities in New York City to learn, create and succeed in their artistic endeavors.

Featuring: Neath Williams, Matthew Thomas Burda, Marco Reininger, Alexander Emmert, Brian Shaw, and Kyle Verdeur as the Rapid Response Team
Justine Cabulong and Tyler La Marr as Special Agents
BR McDonald as Himself

Directed by Michael Brown

Score by Natalie Lovejoy